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My mother once caught me doing cartwheels on the soccer field, so she took me out. At 8 years old she put me in theatre. From then on I spent most of my time there, engaging in various activities such as acting, stage managing, box office work, and even taking out the trash and cleaning the bathrooms. The theatre was my go-to place, and I enjoyed moment spent there.

The last 10 years of my life have been trial and error. I've gone to many different places and tried many different things.  Theatre and art has instilled in me numerous values that have set me up for success. With everything I know and want to share,  I still come to you mind open, and eager to learn more.


I am only at the beginning of my career but, please take a look inside and see me.


Olivia M Buonsante is a native New Yorker who grew up in Musical Theatre, performing at community theatres on Long Island as well as taking part in workshops with The Broadway Workshop and The Broadway Artists Alliance. After attending AMDA’s Conservatory program in NYC, she chose to pursue a career behind the scenes and completed her degree at Montclair State University.  She is now working in various areas of production including stage management, lighting design, set decoration, and prop building. Her favorite credits include an internship at The Creature Shop with The Jim Henson Company and her newest project, working with Celebrate St. James to turn an iconic building, believed to be the vehicle for many performances in the early 20th century, into a community and cultural arts center in her own hometown. She dedicates all her work to those who inspired her to become an artist, her grandparents, Susan and Joe.



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